This page shows two maps: Industrial New York (1922) and Red New York (1932).

Industrial Map of New York City
Showing Manufacturing Industries
Merchants' Association of New York, 1922

This 1922 map illustrates the economic diversity of the urban manufacturing economy of New York City during that era. It also indicates the extent to which this economy depended upon small-scale firms located in loft spaces in the dense urban core, rather than on large scale firms in mass-production factory compounds. As numerous economic historians have noted (see esp "Made in New York," ed. Max Hall), early- and mid-20th century NYC’s manufacturing sector was oriented around craft- rather than mass-production.

I wish I had a better photo of the map below, from 1932, which I found at the Tamiment Library of NYU in 2009.

Map of the Borough of Manhattan of the City of New York
Showing relation between the distribution of Foreign Stock and Negro Population With The Dissemination of Communist and Socialist Propaganda During the Summer of 1932
The political and population data embodied in this map have been compiled under the auspices of the AMERICAN COALITION of Patriotic, Civic and Fraternal Societies.

I think this map is at the NY Historical Society too.

An observation: if we suppose that New York’s industrial geography didn’t change to a dramatic degree between 1922 and 1932, there seem to be a lot of communist/socialist meeting places in the zone which the 1922 Industrial New York map calls “Factories, Business and Dwellings Mixed in Varying Proportions.”