In fall of 2005 I was in Isle de Jean Charles LA shortly after Hurricane Katrina. This island-village is nestled deep in the bayou of Terrebonne Parish, at the end of a narrow marshland causeway. I had a chance to snap some photographs. This isn’t really a "project," but I wanted to get these photos up instead of having them languish on an old external hard drive for another decade.

Isle de Jean Charles and its vicinity mixes cajun, creole and amerindian local cultures (I may be using any of those terms somewhat incorrectly). I’m still not sure what the hanging effigy is, or was. Shrimp fishing is an important source of livelihood here. There are also dozens of gas wells throughout the surrounding bay.

More information about this fragile and evocative place can be found at their website (which, to be clear, I had nothing to do with creating), which is linked to at the bottom of this page.

Aerial photo of Isle de Jean Charles (from IJC website)

2005. Isle de Jean Charles